Tree Climbing Cascadia, LLC Climbing Policy


Age: Climbers must be at least age 8
Time: Note time commitment on each climb specific page
Liability: All participants must sign our liability and photo waiver. Parent/Legal Guardian must sign liability and photo waiver for child participants under the age of 18.

Please consult your doctor if you have any heart or physical conditions as tree climbing is an active sport.
All participants agree to wear proper safety gear at all times while in the activity area.
All participants agree to listen to and follow instructions at all times while in the activity area.
All participants agree to be respectful to people and trees, especially while participating in our tree-climbing event.
All participants agree to our Cancellation Policy and Rescheduling Policy.

For the safety of our clients and guests, Tree Climbing Cascadia, LLC reserves the right to enforce our rules and safety standards at all times. We reserve the right to refuse admission and/or participation to any person, participant or guest we deem unfit to participate, uncooperative or disruptive during an event.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the activity area, and/or property, at any time and for any reason we deem necessary. Any person who demonstrates disruptive, disobedient, disrespectful, dangerous or uncooperative behavior, and/or refuses to follow instructions will be asked to leave the activity area.

We reserve the right to, at any time, move any Tree Climbing Cascadia, LLC event to an alternate location due to scheduling issues, weather, maintenance and/or safety reasons. We will do our very best to communicate changes and accommodate our clients in this kind of situation.

We believe any healthy person can climb trees with our user-friendly climbing system. But everyone is different. Defying gravity takes a distinct level of effort. If you have any ongoing health issues or injuries, please consult your doctor before booking a climb with us. Some folks feel it's fairly easy to climb trees with us. Some feel it is a strenuous activity. But no doubt, climbing trees gives everyone a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and connection with nature.

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